VR Aero goes miles beyond your expectation to making every flight an extraordinary experience.
We pride ourselves on our unrelenting commitment to quality and reliability from the ground to the skies.

VR Aero provides rapid medical evacuation (medevac) and air ambulance services

Emergency Medevac Services

Rapid medical evaluation and air ambulance services

Through our global network of more than 100 partners, we provide rapid medical evaluations (medevac) and air ambulances in Southeast Asia. We have developed a comprehensive network of hospital, clinic, and emergency medical service providers that are fully trained, experienced, and certified to perform all phases of medevac.

We understand that medevacs may happen anytime. VR Aero is prepared 24/7 to provide emergency bed-to-bed repatriation services. For medical flights, our emergency aircraft is equipped with specialized medical equipment suitable for a range of critical conditions. We also arrange for professional paramedics and doctors to come onboard these emergency flights on short notice.

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